Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a reservation?
To place an order call us at 808.429.3494  or click on the button below:

          Reserve Now  No payment necessary at this time

Are you able to set up at a public park?
Absolutely.  We are fully insured and able to set up at City and County of Honolulu or State of Hawaii parks.  Any event held in a public park requires a permit which is usually free and easy to acquire, just follow the steps below.  When asked if you will be having a bouncer at your event, tell them Hop Hale Inflatables will be providing one and they will have our insurance info on file.  The City recommends requesting the permit no less than three weeks from the date of your event so don't wait too long!

  1. Find your park on this list:
  2. Call the Phone number of the park you will be holding your event at.
  3. Tell them when your event will be and that you will be, how many people attending, and that you will be getting a bouncer from Hop Hale Inflatables.
  4. Pick your permit up in person once it is issued.
Maps with site numbers of popular parks to help you choose your site:
Kapiolani Park Click here
Ala Moana Regional Park Click here
Magic Island Park (note that for sites 31-40 an extra hauling fee applies) Click here

Are your inflatables clean?
We at Hop Hale pride ourselves in providing clean, high quality equipment.  We clean AND sanitize every one of our inflatables for each use (yes, cleaning and sanitizing are two different things).  First we vacuum the unit, next we use a safe non-toxic spray disinfectant to sanitize all surface areas that your child will come into contact with, finally we use a cleaner on all surfaces to assure that the entire unit is clean and remains in the best possible condition for your use.

Do I need to put down a deposit?
Yes.  In order to confirm your reservation we need to receive a $50 deposit per bounce house and $100 per slide.  This guarantees  availability for your event.  The deposit is nonrefundable and will be subtracted from from the total amount owed, which will need to be paid in full before setup of your event.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Credit Cards, Cash, or Money Order.  Personal checks are not accepted.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations MORE THAN 24 hours from the time of your event will receive credit equal to their deposit for a 3 month window, granted that the unit(s) you rented is available on that date.  If the unit(s) are not available on your chosen date, you will have to choose from those that are available.

Cancellations LESS THAN 24 hours from will result in a 50% charge of your total rental cost.  The reason for this is that once the unit(s) are reserved, we turn away any request for them from other potential clients.  This does not include cancellations due to bad weather at the setup time of your event.

What if the weather is bad?
If, when we arrive at your event, the weather is looking unfavorable we will assess the situation and make a decision based on how it will affect safety of you the user.  Deciding factors include Heavy Rain, High Winds, and Lightning Storms.  In general, steady rain that leaves standing water in grassy areas or dirt , winds greater than 20 mph at the setup location, or lighting  would be cause to cancel the setup.  Light passing showers are OK but if rain occurs while using the unit, you need to exit the unit and shut off the blower to avoid damage and/or fire to the unit. Once the rain passes, you can resume use of the unit.  It is recommended that you have extra towels handy to dry off any uncovered jumping areas that can get slippery from the water.   No refunds will be given for weather once the unit is set up.

What are your delivery rates?
Because our time is valuable, our delivery rates reflect amount of time that is required to deliver and setup to your location on Oahu.  To get delivery rates, either call us at 429-3494, or click on the Reserve Now button for an instant quote based on your event address.

Are your inflatables lead free?
We do not cut corners.  All our inflatables are from reputable, high quality manufacturers and are all certified LEAD FREE.  It does cost us a little more than some of the other options out there, but it is well worth it to have high quality, safe, inflatables to provide to you and your family.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured.  If proof of insurance is required for your event, we can provide it for you.

How much room do is needed for the inflatable?
Generally speaking, you need a minimum of three extra feet of room for a bounce house or combo.  Slides require around eight extra feet for a proper setup.  For example, 15 ft by 15 ft bouncer, you would need a space 18 by 18 feet.

What kind of surface can the inflatable be set up on?
We can setup on grass, concrete, or asphalt as long as it is flat and free of sharp or pointy items.  If you have dogs, please make sure that the yard is free of any mess prior to our arrival.  We do not set up on gravel or rocky areas due to safety concerns.  We do not set up directly on sand or dirt because it requires excessive cleaning.  Because the units are very heavy, we are unable to go up or down stairs or steep inclines.

Is power needed for the inflatable?
Yes, inflatables need a fan to function properly.  We bring 50' heavy duty extension cords to every setup so we can plug it in.  If no grounded 3-prong power outlet is available within 50' from the setup area, a generator will be required.  A 3,500 watt generator per blower is sufficient, however some of our larger inflatables require more than one blower.  If you have your own generator, please feel free to use it but do make sure ahead of time that it is running properly as we do not bring backup generators with us unless you arrange for it prior to your event.

What are some rules for safe and responsible use of the inflatables?

  • Adult supervision is required at all times!
  • No wrestling, flips, or bouncing into others.
  • No hanging from the top or sides of the inflatable.
  • No moving the inflatable from its original setup location.
  • No water or soap or similar is allowed in the inflatable.  Water is only allowed on water slides.
  • No food, candy, gum, soda, or other beverages allowed.  These can result in excessive cleaning which will be costly.
  • No toys, keys, or sharp objects that could puncture the inflatable are allowed in the inflatable.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SILLY STRING (aka tricky string) is allowed.  Any amount that touches the vinyl surface sticks to it like glue and begins to eat away at it compromising the material integrity and leaves behind bad stains.  Basically it ruins the unit and it will need to be replaced.   We know that sometimes it can be fun at a party, but please, for our sake and yours, no silly string anywhere near the inflatable.

Do we need to clean the inflatable before you pick it up?
We take cleanliness very seriously, and every inflatable rental is guaranteed to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for you before your event.  You do not need to worry about cleaning up after your party, however if there is an excessive mess that will require special cleanup, you will be charged an extra cleaning fee based on extra cleaning time.  Excessive mess would include, but is not limited to prohibited things such as food, cake, candy, gum, or beverage spills; large amount of sand or dirt;   silly or tricky string; soap, water, or other things used to make the area  slippery; dog, cat, or animal mess; or if a child has an accident while in the inflatable.