Shave Ice, Cotton Candy, & Popcorn Rentals Oahu

Want to make a big impression at your next party without breaking the bank?

Want your kids jumping for joy with excitement?

Do you think your kid is worth something Extra Special?

Add on one of our Extra Goodies to your inflatable order to make your party one to be remembered! Our Cotton Candy, Shave-Ice and Popcorn Machine rentals are priced extra low as a special deal for our favorite parents.


Ono-Treats-&-Big-SmilesCotten Candy Machine: $50
Supplies for 50 servings: $25

Old-Fashioned Cotten Candy Cart: $50
This optional add-on to the cotton candy machine is a great way to make a BIG visual impact on your party! Cart with clear bubble looks awesome in photos and really adds that extra "wow" factor. Size is approximately 4.5 feet (length) x 2 feet (width) x 4.5 feet (height).

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Shave-Ice Machine: $50

This CUBE ICE shave ice machine uses readily available ice that can be bought at the store or made in your own freezer for easy, convenient use that still makes great quality and texture shave ice! Yup, this is the good, thin, melt in your mouth type of shave ice Hawaii is known for! A treat for both adults and kids of all ages! Plus, we now offer some new great flavors!

oahu-shave-iceSupplies for 50 servings: $30

  • Includes cones, straws, etc.
  • Includes 3 flavors of your choice: blue vanilla, strawberry, banana, mango, li hing mui, pina colada, root beer. Additional flavors: +$3.
  • Customer provides ice.

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Old-Fashioned Popcorn Machine: $50
This old-fashioned popcorn machine is always a huge crowd-pleaser. It's really easy to use and makes a great visual impact for any party! This isn't just any old popcorn maker - this is the machine you see in the movie theaters!

Make an impression with this old-fashioned popocorn machine!

Supplies for 50 servings: $25
Mochi Crunch: +$3/bag

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